About The Boat Fixer

Graham is The Boat Fixer

The BoatFixer at play - photo by kind permission of John Scullion

Graham has worked in the marine industry for over 23 years in several roles including boat yard management and pontoon installation. He has sailed competitively since childhood and currently races a classic wooden Osprey and a Miracle at Kielder Water Sailing Club where he has also been the club Bosun.

If you have any requirements you would like to discuss or you are not even sure what you might need - just give us a call and we will happily talk it through with you.

Wood and GRP repairs

Quality repairs to wood and GRP damage. We aim to get you on the water again as soon as possible with a repair that is as good as new. We will discuss all aspects of the repair so you know exactly what you are getting. In case of collision damage let us provide your insurance quote.

Sail repairs

The boat fixer will undertake repairs to all sizes of sails and spinnakers, no matter how small the patch. We cannot guarantee to repair every sail but please contact us to see what we can do.

Paint work and varnish

The Boat Fixer has a reputation for quality refurbishment of tired looking boats. You will be amazed at the transformation - your refurbished boat will not seem like the same boat you brought to us! We will also undertake to carefully match small repairs of paintwork and varnish to the existing finish.

Example of our work: Partially stripped and left standing for a couple of years, this wooden Mirror was in need of some TLC. The Boat Fixer completely stripped the interior, made repairs as required and refinished all deck surfaces.

Neglected Mirror deck before repair Neglected Mirror deck part way through repair Neglected Mirror deck after repair

Rigging and splicing

We can supply and fit standing and running rigging to your requirements. We splice all types of rope.

Foil refurbishment

Every racing dinghy needs smooth and fair foils to perform at its best. Graham has a wide range of experience refurbishing rudders and centreboards using modern materials to help your boat reach its full potential.

Gelcoat repair and polishing

Gelcoat is the key to your GRP boat's appearance and performance. From scratches and damage repair to polishing sun faded colours we can make your boat look like new again.

Boat upgrades e.g. retrospective fitting of spinnakers

Does your boat need those extra go faster bits to improve its performance and competitiveness? We can put them on for you! Do you just want to make it easier to sail? We can advise on better control layouts. Just ask us what you need whether it be cleat replacement or spinnaker and chute installation - or anything else! Even if you are not sure what is needed - get in touch and we will be happy to advise.

Trailer Repairs

From wheel bearings to hitchlocks we can overhaul and service your trailer making towing safer and more economical. We can construct custom trailer supports so your boat is safely cradled when out of the water.